We collaborate with “Tapones para una nueva vida” (“Lids for a new life”) – Fundación Seur.

Fundación Seur encourages the project TAPONES PARA UNA NUEVA VIDA ® (LIDS FOR A NEW LIFE) with the aim of helping children with health problems who need a medical treatment or an orthopaedic aid, by means of plastic lids collection in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. 13 million people already do this simple gesture.

We collaborate with “Banc dels Aliments” (“Bank Food”)

We collaborate with “Banc dels Aliments” (“Bank Food”)

Programme “Compartiendo mesa” (“Sharing table”)

Associate residential centres of ACRA (Asociación Catalana de Recursos Asistenciales) have taken a decision of covering the nutritional needs of 1,000 old people every day, with the aim of sharing more than 261,000 meals in a year.